Westward Bound

I spent the majority of yesterday in a seated position: in planes, automobiles and airport cafés. I forgot that people like to travel during Spring Break, so I was surprised that both of my flights were full. I was happy to be traveling again, but it was pretty uncomfortable. Why are the headrests pointed down? Not to self: never choose the seat in front of the emergency exit, because you can’t recline your seat. I tried to sleep seated upright with my head pointed down and I kept waking up realizing that my mouth was open. I would be embarrassed, but I’m pretty sure that no one noticed. Everyone was packed into that plane so tight that there is no way in hell they could’ve turned around to see me.

At the Portland airport, I got in a van headed for the Oregon coast. (Not a sketchy van. It was a nice one.) And those people DID see me with my mouth open. I was gawking at the landscape out the window.  Huge spruces, snow covered mountains in the distance, and new spring growth. Beautiful.

I was the only one going to Otis, Oregon. The driver pulled over and dropped me off at a gas station. I walked across the road to the Otis Café. I think it’s the only non-residential building in Otis besides the gas station and the Post Office (which is next door.) The café is really cute. It’s tiny; I heard the seating capacity was 30 people, but I don’t believe it. The menu sounded delicious: all-day breakfast, sandwiches, soup, homemade pies and bread. I’ll have to go back soon.

Cascade Head and the Salmon River

Mindy from the Sitka Center picked me up and gave me a quick driving tour. It’s so beautiful. The Sitka Center is located by the mouth of the Salmon River. It is here that Cascade Head juts out from the coast. And the forest is so interesting this time of year. Lots of new green. But the trees haven’t put their leaves out yet, so you can still look into the woods through their bare branches.

I’m staying in the Kennon House. The owners lend it to the Sitka Center for residents to use. It’s a neat little cottage with a woodstove and lots of natural light. It’s a short walk from the Center where my studio is located.

Kennon House

This morning I got up at 6 and hiked to the top of Cascade Head. Don’t be impressed. My internal clock thought it was 9. Here are some pictures from the hike:

Early morning view of the Salmon River Estuary.
West Coast sunrise.
Cascade Head Trail
Low tide
Pacific Ocean, Morning. No sunrise like the East Coast. I'll have to come back and see the sunset over the ocean.
Cliffs along the trail.
Oregon Coast
Salmon River Estuary
Snail on the trail.

I’m spending the afternoon unpacking my art supplies and settling into the studio. Might do a little painting. Or sketching. More soon!


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