Some Artists

I love looking at art books and artist websites. Looking at other artists’ work is great inspiration, AND it is a great learning tool. Here are some artists I’ve been looking at since being in Oregon.

Paul Henry- a 19th and early 20th century Irish painter. I discovered him while in Ireland in 2010. Great landscapes. He really understood the light of western Ireland. The landscape here on the Oregon coast has some similar characteristics.

Paul Henry, "Achill Head"
Paul Henry, "Western Lough"

The library at the Sitka Center has a great collection of art books. I found some great paintings by John Singer Sargeant, Winslow Homer, and James McNeill Whistler in “American Watercolors.”

Winslow Homer, "Hudson River Logging"
Winslow Homer, "Shore at Bermuda"

Look at that blue!

James NcNeill Whistler, "Sea and Rain"

Also looking at Edward Hopper:

Edward Hopper, "White River, Vermont"

And one of my favorite contemporary painters, Stuart Shils:

Stuart Shils
Stuart Shils, "Bunatrahir Bay"

Stuart Shils has been to the Ballinglen Artist Residency also. The painting above is from Ireland.

I hope these images will make you as happy as they make me.


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