Some Work in Progress

I’m trying to settle into a routine. I’ve been doing some sketching and small paintings; trying to find something I want to spend some time on. Here are a few things I’ve been working on:

charcoal drawing, the woods behind the Sitka Center

small painting of the estuary. will probably go back to do a larger painting.
small painting of Cascade Head
salmon river

I’m thinking of doing a series of small paintings of some of the houses in the woods here. The Cascade Head Ranch community deliberately builds houses that blend into the forest. There are lots of rules- you can only use cedar siding, no wind chimes, no bright lights after dark. (As a result, it’s very very dark here at night. When I stay late in the studio, I have to wear a headlamp when I walk home.)

Anyway, I’m intrigued by the shapes that the buildings add to the forest, geometric shapes that are half hidden or skewed by the surrounding vegetation. Some sketches for possible paintings:

I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked in the past few days. Partly because of rain. I don’t mind painting in the rain if it’s just a sprinkle, but drawing with charcoal in the rain isn’t so good. Plein air painting is tough, and I’m starting to really understand how strenuous it is. Lots of schlepping around with equipment.

A few links to share:

Ken Kewley‘s paintings and collages.

A nice video of Gillian Pederson-Krag talking about painting. Gillian was an artist-in-residence at William and Mary this Spring. Unfortunately, I did not make it to Williamsburg to meet her or see her exhibition there. But her work is wonderful and I really enjoyed the video.

One thought on “Some Work in Progress

  1. Thanks, Amanda, for sharing your work and that of others! I don’t have an appreciation for Kewley’s art but REALLY love that of Gillian’s! Her style is much like yours… no, I suppose it’s the other way around! Enjoyed her video too. Your work is truly amazing … good luck as you persevere out in Oregon. And congrats on your upcoming graduate program at UNCG. What super opportunities you are having!

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