The most exciting thing about being in a new place is exploring! Exploring on foot is the best way to learn about a place and experience the landscape (and the weather.) Some things I’ve experienced here: walking up and down hills a lot; cold, damp days- they make you really appreciate the sunny ones; building roaring fires in my wood stove (last night was my best one yet); keeping track of the tides; identifying plants… These are all things currently on my mind.

1. Climbing Hills:

Went on a hike with Melanie Berry, a local who has lots of knowledge about the history and ecology of the Oregon Coast. During the hike, we were able to go out to Thumb Point, a little hill that sticks up and out, overlooking the ocean:

South Head- the small knob sticking up on top is Thumb Point
The Thumb!
The trail to the Thumb is along this sharp ridge.
"Foot Steps" made by thousands of feet. Humans have been going to this place for hundreds of years.

2. The ebb and flood of the Salmon River:

High Tide
Low Tide

3. Weather:

"Three Rocks"- No really, that's their name.
Three Rocks revisited.
Cascade Head in mist.
And in glorious sun.
A bank of fog rolling in from the ocean.
Fog enveloping Lincoln City

Last weekend was sunny and warm, California weather. I went kayaking in the estuary on Saturday and Sunday. The sun really changes this place, as you can tell from the photographs. I love the colors of the estuary in sun:

The rain came back yesterday and hasn’t stopped. During this time, I’ve been volunteering with the Nature Conservancy. I guess I picked a fine time to help clear trails and invasive species! Just another way of experiencing the weather, I guess…

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