Resident Show and Tell

This past Saturday was the Resident Show and Tell, a chance for the artists-in-residence to show their work and talk about their time here. It was nice to be around so many people after being so isolated and working so intensely.

The calm before everyone showed up. I went first: gave a talk about my work past and present, my influences, etc. And I showed some images on the computer there.
My ‘Houses in the Woods’ series- paintings and drawings of the Cascade Head Ranch community
My most recent projects: “paint chips”- watercolors and monotypes of different horizon colors; I started on this stuff after the ‘super moon hike’ with Judy and Carrie. I was really inspired by that hike.
I also displayed my sketchbook.
About 40 people came to the event. Mindy organized the food and it was amazing: frosted sugar cookies topped with fresh blueberries and passionfruit ginger lemonade were my favorites.
Dino Egg- just add water and watch it hatch. Frank Boyden brought this for us. It hatched the day of the Show and Tell.

So here’s a few of the images I showed during my talk and a few images of my work. Hopefully, these images will help you understand my influences and what I’m trying to explore in my own work:

Cezanne- I found  this after I started my ‘Houses in the Woods’ project. It’s funny how similar this is to what I’m seeing here.
Cezanne- This reminded me of the alder trees here.
George Inness- a 19th c. American painter; one of my former professors told me about Inness. Again, I saw lots of similarities to the landscape here, though I think he was painting in New England.
John Dubrow- one of my favorite contemporary painters
Ken Kewley- another favorite
One of my paintings from Ireland

Some small one-shot landscapes:

The estuary in April
Cascade Head and Salmon River
Salmon River
Estuary in May

House in the Woods series: charcoal drawings and oil paintings

There are more, but I don’t want this to be a blog post of biblical length. And I haven’t photographed the monotypes yet. I’ll post them soon.

I only have 3 days left to work. I’m hoping to do some more charcoal drawings and monotypes. I ran out of printmaking paper, but Carrie has kindly given me some that she had. So, I’m gonna keep going ’til the end!



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