That’s Life and Death on the Farm

I’m having a bad day today. Pippa destroyed my Tillandsia plants and one of our Rhode Island Reds is missing. (The past few mornings, I’ve been locking Pippa in her kennel and letting the chickens and guineas free range. I was inside doing various morning chores, and when I went out to check on them, there were 6 guineas and only 3 chickens. The 3 were going about their business like it was nothing. I did not find any feathers or blood. Either she ran off to explore on her own, or a hawk or fox or a neighbor’s dog grabbed her and ran.) Disheartening.

Also, I found 2 Cabbage White Butterfly pupae on some lettuce I harvested in the garden. You can see them below in the flowerpot with the succulent.

I wanted to save them and watch them hatch. Two days ago, the one on the left did, but it couldn’t figure out how to get out of the screened-in-porch. So, I jarred it and set it free in the backyard. Pippa came bouncing around the corner and to my horror, snatched the new butterfly out of the air. I shouted profanities at her, but she just stood there chewing. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I’m determined that this next one will live longed than five minutes. But I should know better than to challenge nature. I’m not in control at all here.

That’s life and death on the farm.


One thought on “That’s Life and Death on the Farm

  1. Sorry your day is less than perfect….However, keep in mind this is D-Day memorial…coincidence?…..Maybe, maybe not….Could not let this go by w/o a comment….Your last sentence says it all….& maybe, just maybe, the missing chick will turn up a little wiser for exploring….
    Tho’ I forgot to respond to your last entry, Granddad & I did get quite a laugh out of the transport of the chicks & Pippa’s involvement….Keep the faith, kiddo!

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