At Home in Southside Virginia

The summer solstice was last Wednesday, and now, it is officially summer. From here on out, the days will slowly get shorter and the humidity higher. I’m grateful to be in the South this summer. Last summer I was wearing long sleeves and pants everyday. I felt like I was missing out. This year, I am indulging in it.

If I was to describe home right now: squash, zucchini, green beans, the first tomatoes of the season, raspberries, new potatoes, first corn crop almost ready, iced tea, hot and humid, sun tan, animals. Animals in and out of the house. The ones inside have been cracking me up:

Jude in my shopping bag
Abby in the bathroom

Being in Southside Virginia is challenging, but being at home on the farm feels right.


One thought on “At Home in Southside Virginia

  1. Could you be on a path for your generation’s version of Barbara Kingsolver?; so reminiscent of her writing style in Animal, Veg., Miracle…altho’ you could enhance w/your photos or paintings….just a thought. Nevertheless, thanx for a super photo of new bathroom decor, complete w/Abby…Been wanting to see how it turned out and thumbs up for a super change….Also, many thanx to you & Mom for the delish veggies….gonna finish ’em up tonight! Stay Cool!

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