“In a dream,

I was back in Clarksville, but it kept flooding. (It has been raining a lot lately.) I was standing on Gina’s porch, looking out on the street, and suddenly, the earth tipped to the right and water began flowing down the street and filling up the steps of the porch. I ran inside and shut the screen door, but continued to watch.

People were going crazy, running in the streets and looting.

Then the earth tipped back, and the water receded.

People were going crazy, running in the streets and looting.

We turned Gina’s house into a fortress, blocking the front door with a Mack truck. Some people tried to sneak in to be with us, coming to the door with food as if they were arriving for a potluck. But we didn’t invite anyone to a potluck. I went around the house making sure all the doors and windows were locked. I was running, trying to get them all, but the rooms kept leading to more rooms and splitting into more passages. I thought to myself, I’ll have to come back and explore these later. There were so many stairs and rooms and hallways. Beautifully decorated like some Southern spa. I was wondering if the world would tip again and if the water would coming flowing back down the street.”

(I found this bit of writing as I was unpacking stuff into my new studio space. I believe it’s from summer 2013.)


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