Play the Radio

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“Play the Radio” – a site-specific installation at the WVTF/Radio IQ broadcasting station in Charlottesville, VA, July 2015.

Here, the local-public-radio-sound gets pumped out to Central and Southwestern, VA. I even hear a few crackly snippets when I am driving along the backroads of my home county of Mecklenburg. The purpose of this exhibition was to combine three spaces: the radio station itself, the gallery space that the station pretended to be, and the private, protected space of my living room. It was also an opportunity for me, and hopefully the audience(?), to ponder the ways in which we relate to information. And I mean information in a broad sense: (1) the ways in which we are exposed to news about people and events so far removed from our bodies, (2) the isolated, sensory experience of viewing ‘art’ in a carefully edited space, (3) and the unconscious ways we are drawn to furniture or other familiar domestic objects. The far-removed, the isolated/concentrated, and the comfortable.

The installation featured delicate paper and thread “pages” and “aphorisms,” a ticker tape video poem, a book of prints of a single tea bag, and furniture and fluff from my home. House plants, a shirt, tables and chairs…etc.

exhibition statement
exhibition statement

All images © Amanda Wagstaff

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