“All Flesh Is Grass” in Greensboro, NC

I am happy to announce (belatedly) that I am currently showing work at the Gatewood Gallery at UNC-Greensboro!

Most of the work in “All Flesh Is Grass” has never been shown publicly or in such a big open space.

The exhibition is open during school hours in the Gatewood Building until February 23. But if you can’t make it to the exhibition in person, I’ve created a ‘virtual’ tour of the gallery space below (although the images are a poor substitute…)

As you walk into the gallery, you see the “Boustrophedon” shirts and “States of Becoming Sand.” (Detailed images and info here.)
“Boustrophedon,” 2015-16, hand-spun yarn embedded in men’s shirts with embroidery thread
“States of Becoming Sand,” periwinkle shells and thread on pillowcase, installed on my bed.
To your right, you have a view of the rest of the gallery.
“Pincushion Revisited,” polyester and wool fabrics, polyester batting, quilter’s and dressmaker’s pins, embroidery thread, 2017.
Gallery center: “Complete Thought” and “S A Y” on the wall.
“S A Y,” altered dish towels, 2017.
“Prom,” nesting bowls, my prom dress circa 2006, and family heirloom table. 2013-2018.
Carpet Pages” from my residency at New City Arts/The Haven in 2014.
Piece of the Reel,” receipts and embroidery thread, 2015-2016

2 thoughts on ““All Flesh Is Grass” in Greensboro, NC

  1. Such an awesome show. Congrats on this work. There’s really so much here. Let’s get coffee next time you’re around?

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