The Haven Quilt

January – September 2015

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One of the best projects I’ve worked on this year is The Haven Quilt. The project was a collaboration between fellow NCAI artist-in-residence Sean Rubin and myself. The idea was to start with a blank quilt and fill it over the course of our residency time. Anyone in The Haven community (guests, volunteers, or staff) could contribute a “square.”

We provided: (1) a plain cloth with a pinwheel pattern lightly penciled onto the surface to provide a simple structure, (2) three cardboard templates so that contributors could cut out shapes to fit the pinwheels, (3) Fabric- scrounged and donated (4) Fabric markers, sharpies, pencils, and any fluff that seemed useful.


From the beginning, I had a sense that the quilt could be a beautiful community portrait, but only if we controlled as few variables as possible. I felt a strong urge to let the quilt form slowly; no deadlines and no strict rules about content. And this seemed to fit the pace of events at the shelter: fits and starts and waiting.

All images © Amanda Wagstaff

One thought on “The Haven Quilt

  1. I would like to say that I love everything which brings collaboration from the others, and then together something beautiful, like this quilt, is builded. Well done Amanda, it gave me some ideas to others projects that I’ve got.

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